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Why Fluid?

Running a business comes with its fair share of aches and pains.  Although technology allows us to work more efficiently, when it doesn’t work, it too can result in headaches.  With Fluid Designs you gain a partner who will alleviate those pains when you work with us.  Here are Fluid this is more than business, technology is part of the passion of that drives our daily lives.

Proactive Server & Network Support
Through our proactive support we can detect future problems before they become a problem for you and your company.  Keeping you computer and network infrastructure up and running is our priority.

How long can your business afford to be down?
We have guaranteed emergency response times for our clients on our Network Support Plans. Your emergency becomes our problem and we are there to solve it for you.

Have you had enough with amateurs or moonlighters?
Have you ever been told, “I’ll call you when I get out of work.”  Or maybe “I’m too busy to deal with you right now.”  Because of the nature of technology there are a lot of fly by night operations.  If you are dealing with someone who’s doing this part time than your businesses needs will always be in the back-burner.  With us you are our first and only priority.  We have been around since 2001 and are here to stay.  With us you will never be second.

Tired of dealing with people whom you have difficulties understanding?
With Fluid you will get a competent staff based right here in the United States.

Does your existing provider always want to work remotely?
We’ve found that the human touch has become a lost art.  We pride ourselves in not being afraid to come to your location and repair a problem.  Our clients love the fact that we are not keeping them on the phone for an hour to try to avoid an on-site visit.

Who’s advocating for you?
When dealing with phone carriers, software vendors and other technology related vendors we advocate on your behalf.  We are able to sit at the negotiating table with your organizations needs in mind and be an extension of your team.  Sales people like to sell but will the product actually fit for your organization or do what they claim?  We are there for you to determine the answers to those questions.

Does your current provider have the proper insurances to protect you?
If your current provider does not have the proper insurance you are unintentionally inheriting their risks.  We are fully insured and have all put all the necessary precautions in place to protect our clients.

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