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3 Data Backup Strategies: Tape, Cloud, Hybrid

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      Your computer networks and company data are your most valuable assets. Without a proper data backup strategy this data is at risk. Data loss can manifest itself in many ways bringing down your servers, computers and ultimately your network. What would you do if your computer systems were offline right now? Having the proper computer backup and recovery strategies are important. Here are three ways in which you can protect your computer and data networks.

    1. Tape and disk
      Using this method your company data is backed up once a day. Often times this requires human interaction. Somebody changes the tape in your server on a daily basis.
      There are shortcomings that come along with this strategy. First, the frequency of data changes very rapidly these days. Backing up once a day means that you can still lose a whole day’s worth of work. Additionally, the time needed to restore from a backup tape is usually the longest of all methods.
    2. Cloud based backup technology
      The next backup method is a cloud based backup technology. This scenario allows you to remove human interaction. It is a fully automated.This method also has some shortcomings. If your hardware suffers from physical damage, you have no equipment on-site which you can restore your data from. That is until you obtain equipment and access to backup servers, your company will remain offline.
    3. Business continuity methodology
      The last method is business continuity. This is more than a backup because it focuses on keeping your company up and running. With this solution we leverage the best parts of all of the backup methods. Your company’s data is continuously backed up to a local device and ten that data ends up being backed up to the cloud. This allows us to have a copy of your company data on-site as well as in the cloud. Your data is protected and is stored in multiple places.

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