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e-Discovery & Litigation Support Services

e-Discovery is an area with many facets. We have experience in all things related to this space and can bring that expertise to your firm.  As your partner we will help you navigate and equip your firm with the proper tools to resolve any matter in an efficient manner.

e-Discovery Demands & Compliance Protocol
We have the ability to help you craft your discovery demands. The nature of electronic data has created a scenario where there is an overabundance of information.  The courts have been known to deny discovery requests that are too broad.  It is best for you to ask for exactly what you need to help win your case.  With our help you will be able to craft a proper demand that will get you the information that you are looking for.

e-Discovery Data Analysis & Analytical Filtering
Through our hosted review platform we have the ability to help you begin to analyze all case related data. This is sometimes seen as a daunting task but with the proper solution and partner a burden is lifted off of your shoulders.

e-Discovery Production & Trial Support
Sometimes you are not on the receiving end of information but the production end. We are able to capture all the data that’s necessary and allow your team the ability to review the documents to produce the relevant content.  Having the proper systems to ferret out unnecessary information, create privilege logs and build productions is an essential piece of any litigation.

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