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Cloud Spam Protection & E-mail Continuity Services

With so much e-mail traffic moving back and forth you are constantly bombarded with unwanted messages. With our Cloud Spam & E-mail Protection services we are able to keep 99% of those unwanted messages out of your inbox.  Limiting your exposure to spam, viruses, worms, phishing scams, and other inbound email threats outside your network while keeping your internal network safe.  Wouldn’t that be nice? No more junk e-mail or malicious messages making their way into your companies network.

E-mail Continuity
Unfortunately, outages occur. Have you ever experience an outage?  Has your e-mail provider gone down? Have you had a failure with your internal/on-premise e-mail server? Alongside our Cloud Spam & E-mail Protection service is our Cloud E-mail Continuity Solution that will keep you up and running in that event that mail cannot be delivered to your e-mail servers. Each user in your organization will have the ability to access a recovery e-mail box in the event of such failures so they can keep working.

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