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Cloud Backup & Business Continuity

In today’s businesses downtime is no longer a viable option. Protecting your valuable business data through a business continuity solution is a plan that protects the future of your company.

Are you aware of the differences between Business Continuity vs Traditional Backup?

The primary distinction between Business Continuity and traditional backup is that Business Continuity provides instant recovery of your environment to keep the organization running.  This recovery can be either at your location or in the cloud depending on the situation.  The recovery time of traditional backup is tied to the ability to replace/fix your hardware and then the speed of the data restoration process.  Having instant recovery through our Business Continuity solution allows for instant recovery in the event of a failure or disaster.

Additionally, with a business continuity solution you will be able to protect yourself from:
– Human error
– Natural disasters
– Ransomware
– Unpredictable Events

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