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5 Tips to Keeping Healthcare Data Safe

healthcare-nj-computer-repairPatient data is constantly moving and the risks of a data breach continue to increase over time.  There is a constant escalation of medical/healthcare data breaches.  According to the FBI the Healthcare industry is not prepared to properly deal with these threats.  Here are five tips to protect your healthcare environment.

  1. Keeping legacy systems secure
    • Are you running legacy environments and need an interim solution for security protection?
  2. Safeguarding patient portals and datacenters
    • Do you have cloud and datacenter environments and how are they secured?
  3. Detecting and preventing breaches
    • Hackers are sophisticated and using targeted attacks to get into networks – how are you protecting your network from breaches?
  4. Protecting PHI in motion and at rest on all endpoints
    • Are you offering the best technology for mobile patient care and how are you securing it today?
  5. Meeting compliance needs
    • Are you trying to meet various compliance regulations that require security?

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